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Technology and Research Initiatives

Technology Components

1) Access Methods

GARUDA resources are accessed through the high-speed communication fabric, also satellite based communication channels are being explored as part of a research initiative to integrate the GARUDA terrestrial grid with a satellite based grid.

The access point to GARUDA for job submission is through Access Portal or Command-line Interface.

Garuda Access Portal

GARUDA Access Portal provides user interface to the Grid resources thereby hiding the complexity of the Grid from the users. It allows submission of both sequential and parallel jobs. The GARUDA Access Portal is also accessible through Internet so that users not belonging to the GARUDA Network
can submit jobs on any of the GARUDA resources.

Job submission mechanisms like Problem Solving Environments (PSE) and Work flow tools are accessible through the Portal.

Command line Interface (CLI)

Grid resources can be accessed through command line as well. GARUDA users require login at GARUDA head nodes for their job submission. without using Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Problem Solving Environments (PSE)

PSE are specialized software for solving one class of problems, such as Bio -informatics, Disaster management, combining automated problem-solving methods supporting problem formulation, algorithm selection, numerical simulation and solution visualization for guiding the problem resolution.

Workflow management

Workflow consists of a sequence of connected steps, serving as a virtual representation of actual work. A workflow is a set of activities stored as a model describing a real world process. A workflow can be described using formal or informal flow diagramming techniques, showing directed flows between processing steps in an application. GARUDA offers workflow support for complex applications.


Visualization is a communication/transformation of abstract data into high resolution visuals, thereby providing a way to learn about the data. GARUDA supports

2) Data Management

- GARUDA Data management SRM

- GARUDA Data Management SRB

3) Program Development

4) GARUDA Middleware and Security

5) Grid Monitoring and Management

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