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Open Source Drug Discovery
Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) is a CSIR-led global initiative, funded by Govt of India, to develop drugs for tropical infectious diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, etc. The OSDD method tries to collaboratively aggregate the biological and genetic information available to scientists for use to hasten the discovery of drugs. This will provide a unique opportunity for the entire community of scientists, doctors, technocrats, students and others with diverse expertise to contribute/work for a common cause. Such drug discovery applications have several components requiring huge computation power and data storage.

GARUDA grid provides an unprecedented e-Infrastructure for OSDD applications. A large number of OSDD members access the GARUDA grid via Garuda Portal or Galaxy Workflow and launch their jobs on grid nodes. The grid metascheduler (Gridway) takes care of job scheduling. The job executes in one of the several compute nodes of the grid and gives back the result from where the users can download their results and share the results with their community members.


  • State-of-the-art HPC clusters provided to run drug discovery problems
  • NKN connectivity to select OSDD centers
  • Secure access to high-end resources for scientists and students even from remote locations
  • OSDD Virtual Organization created in Garuda
  • Galaxy Workflow is provided for genomics and proteomics applications
  • Distributed job execution through load balancing metascheduler
  • Parallelizing specific applications
  • Supporting bio-tools required by the community

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