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In pursuit of scientific and technological excellence, GARUDA PoC has also brought together the critical mass of well-established researchers. PoC and Foundation phase has accomplished its target:
  • Successfully created heterogeneous test bed of various operating systems, platforms, softwares
  • Brought together major Research, Development and User groups to GARUDA.
  • Addressing long term research issues and applications in Grid computing.
The strategic objectives of operational phase being:
  • Promoting active collaboration among Research, Industry, Academia, and Government through nationwide NKN
  • Providing stable link, high bandwidth and low latency to the developer's community.
  • Bringing in new partners both with/ without resources to maximize the utilization of GARUDA and to avail technological benefits using GARUDA.
  • Focus on identifying, developing and promoting globally challenging applications/research issues.
  • Enabling compute and data intensive applications of developer's on the Grid.
  • Delivering guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and finalizing Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Strengthening mechanisms to maximize benefits of GARUDA
  • Providing stable and robust Grid environment
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