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Prof. Rajat Moona
Former Director General, C-DAC

The Garuda grid in its present form not only allows sharing of computing resources across the nation but also sharing of ideas and projects, both scientific and engineering, empowering the community and yielding economic and social benefits through collaborations.

  Dr. Sarat Chandra babu
Former Executive Director, C-DAC, Bangalore

GARUDA a grid computing initiative of India will provide consistent, secure, inexpensive access to much needed computing and storage resources to run creative scientific and engineering applications and an effective facility to carry out collaborative research for Indian Scientific and Engineering Community.

  Dr. Prahlada Rao B. B

GARUDA is India’s National Grid Computing initiative by C-DAC. GARUDA Project has achieved many milestones from its PoC Phase: building a National Grid TestBed
(e-Infrastructure), Grid Research Community, Middleware Research, Grid Tools Development, and ability to build new class of Applications of National Importance such as: Disaster Management Systems, Climatic and Atmospheric Studies, Virtual Class Rooms.

GARUDA provide the Indian Researchers the Potential to build new class of Data and Compute intensive Science Applications for 21st Century, Research in Distributed Computing, interoperability with Global Grids: EGEE, Access Grid, Open Science Grid .. etc, and the ability to Knowledge Sharing with International Grid Communities through Publications on Grid Computing, Keynote Talks, conduct National Workshops, International Conferences on E-Science/Grid Computing.
GARUDA is funded by Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India.

  Dr. Subrata Chattopadhyay

The maturity of stability of Garuda grid will be a big boost for the Indian engineering and scientific research community who can exploit this e-infrastructure to bring our more innovative desired localized for the country be it in health care, education delivery, disaster management or any other domain.

  Ms Mangala

The GARUDA grid aggregates geographically distributed heterogeneous supercomputer resources, storage and special instruments over high speed NKN backbone.

GARUDA is facilitating applications which have enormous data and tremendous computation beyond those available at any single location. Grid Enabling an application helps to exploit the virtualized grid infrastructure for accelerating the processing time and/or increasing collaboration.

Garuda has enabled compute-data-collaboration intensive applications in the areas of Disaster Management, Open Source Drug Discovery, Protein Structure Prediction, Winglet Design, etc, significantly improving the processing time.

  Shri R Sridharan

Just like a national highway where vehicle can move very efficiently, any software application needing massive computing and storage resources can run on GARUDA infrastructure. By adopting the Service Oriented Approach GARUDA provides the platform for applications to adopt new generation technologies for their better performance. GARUDA's growth trajectory seems very promising with the state of the art features that support e-science and e-business applications such as assured qualities of service, automated management of service and resources through SLAs and single sign on through PKI security. Going forward, challenges lie ahead in supporting advanced next generation technologies of the same breed, for the betterment of scientific and commercial endeavours.

Shri Rajan T Joseph
Former Director General, C-DAC

The paradigm of computing witnessed a sea change from traditional centralized mainframe based computing to networked and distributed computing and now toward grid and cloud computing. With the launch of National Knowledge Network and stability of Garuda grid operations over NKN, the engineering and scientific research community will have immense opportunities to solve their complex problems which were previously unthinkable.
  Shri S Ramakrishnan

GARUDA can truly be proud of having been part of global initiatives in Grid to serve Indian scientific and research community. I'm sure C-DAC and their Grid partners will constructively look at the next phase, to offer services to India's growing academic and research community.

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