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Procedures to join GARUDA

GARUDA is a collaboration of scientific and technological researchers on a nationwide grid comprising of computational nodes, mass storage and scientific instruments. Funded by Department of Electronics and Information Technology. GARUDA aims to provide e-Infrastructure for technological advances required to enable data and compute intensive science for the 21st century. The Operation Phase GARUDA endeavors to provide a stable, robust and efficient grid environment with guaranteed Quality of Service for various applications. Grid puts one abstraction layer above High Performance Computing System, facilitating co-ordinate and distributed sharing of resources across different geographical locations and under multiple administrative domains.

Any user wants to use GARUDA resource, user's institute/ Organization/ lab should be GARUDA partner. Institutes can become GARUDA Partners by signing a "Memorandum of understanding" (MOU), applicable for Govt R&D/ Academic institutes. For full text of the MOU, please visit

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