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GARUDA Storage Resource Manager (GSRM)

GARUDA Storage Resource Manager is a peer to peer data grid solution for SOA based GARUDA. It is an interoperable and optimal data management solution for GARUDA grid .GSRM adheres to OGF standards. It is based on disk based open source srmv2.2 implementation; Disk Pool Manager (1.7.2). Currently, GSRM has total storage capacity of ~2TB (expandable upto 100s of Terabytes) distributed at multiple locations.

Need for the scientific community?

  • GSRM provides a single point access to distributed storage services to GARUDA.
  • Allows scientists and researchers to collaborate and share data stored at distributed locations
  • Maintains the security and confidentiality of data.
  • Frees user from management of input and output files in grid. Files hosted by GSRM are available at his home directory (/home/<group>) accessible from GARUDA head nodes.

Advantages of Using GSRM:

1- Easy Storage and Access for job related input/output files: Ease of storing data needed or generated by the jobs submitted to GARUDA. Users can transfer his input / output files directly from the compute cluster to GSRM while his job is getting executed. 2- Controlled Data Sharing: Application domain users can share Data within their community in a secured way. Research related data specific to a scientific community (VO) can be stored under single GSRM directory and the scientists belonging to that community(VO) can access and download the data for analysis from the same location.

Salient Features:

1. Global Namespace : Provides Easy and quick Web access for files stores in GSRM

  • Single access point to data stored in distributed and heterogeneous storage resources of GARUDA.
  • File and Directory functions: Supports all file/ directory operations like file and directory Upload /download, delete, search, replicate, copy. Control sharing of data with utilities as Set ACL and Get ACL.
  • Security :Supports VOMS, GSI authentication , Access control lists(ACL) and Secure data transfers(Gsiftp)
  • Dynamic space Reservation and Management: Supports space Token creation, deletion and edit. Utilities to view the space statistics as used, free and available in MB/GB associated with the user. Users can reserve storage space .On reservation token will be issued and using those tokens users can store their data.
  • Interoperability: Interoperable with other OGF standards for storage i.e SRM implementations
  • Integration with the Compute Grid GARUDA. Data can be directly transferred from compute cluster to GSRM storage.
  • Web based administrative interface:To manage nad monitor the storage resources of GARUDA
  • Online GSRM user help is available in GSRM web interface.

Compatibility with other GARUDA tools:

GSRM is visible to the job submitted to GARUDA through gridway. GSRM is integrated with Garuda Access Portal, allowing the users to stage I/O data on the GSRM for execution on the remote clusters. File transfers to GRSM can be done from any of the GARUDA head node using "globus-url-copy".

User Support : OR raise tickets in 'GDS' queue through

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