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DAG-07 Detailed Agenda

Workshop on ‘Developing  Applications on Grid - GARUDA’ (DAG-07)

System Software Development Goup of C-DAC Bangalore conducted the Workshop on Developing Application on Grid -GARUDA (DAG-07), 12th and 13th March 2007 at C-DAC, Knowledge Park, Bangalore. More than 65 members from GARUDA partner institutions, C-DAC centres and ERNET participated in the Workshop.

DAG-07 workshop is specifically designed  to provide the Application developers, and grid users, the required skills to develop and execute their applications on GARUDA. The agenda for the workshop includes a series of presentations and hand-on sessions focusing on the GARUDA technologies, grid applications, data management and usage of various tools supported on GARUDA.

The workshop started with an Introduction of Grid Computing, GARUDA Overview, Prototype applications of GARUDA  (DMSAR, BRAF), and Applications Enablement on GARUDA. The 2nd part of workshop focused on How to develop Applications on GARUDA, Grid Programming Paradigms using MPI, RSL, GLOBUS, Grid Programs Debugging using Gridhra, Data management solutions using SRB. 3rd Part of Presentations covered GARUDA Registration process, Grid Portal usage instructions, Setup and site management steps, GARUDA Sigma, Management and Monitoring tools of GARUDA like Paryavekshanam, IDS, and Problem reporting using RT. Every  Participant is given both Theory and Hands-ON training on the above topics.

The rich and diverse two-day workshop was specifically targeted for research experts and new grid users, who wish to adopt eInfrastructures effectively within their workplace, and how their  research activity and Applications can make  use of GARUDA Grid.   

The meet was successful with active and enthusiastic participation of GARUDA Partners.

Workshop on Developing Application on Grid - GARUDA (DAG-07)
Detailed Agenda 12th and 13th March 2007
C-DAC Knowledge Park,  No#1, Old Madras Road, ByappanaHalli, Bangalore-560038

12th March 2007 ( Day 1)
Time Topic Speaker
0930 - 1000 Registration  
1000 – 1045 Introduction to Grid Computing Dr. Prahlada Rao
1045 – 1100 Tea break  
1100 – 1130

Overview of GARUDA
GARUDA Architecture and software components

N Mohanram
1130 - 1215

Applications Enablement on Grid:

  1. Types of programs on Grid
  2. Programming Paradigms
  3. Talk and Demo of case Studies on GARUDA


Manavalan R
Rashmi Mahajan

1215 – 1330

Development of Applications for Grid-Programming Issues

  • Grid programming using MPI (60 min)
  • Resource Specification Language (15 mins)
  • Grid programming using C and Globus APIs (60 min)

R Sridharan (Chair)

Asvija B

1330 – 1415 Lunch Break  
1415 - 1515

Development of Applications for Grid     ...Continuation

1515 - 1615

Hands-on Session-1 :
Developing programs of Sequential Jobs, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Parallel Jobs on GARUDA Grid; Grid IDE usage, sample RSL scripts

Vineeth (Chair)

1615 - 1630 Tea break  
1630 - 1730 Hands On Session-1                                   ...Continuation  
13th March 2007 ( Day 2)
Time Topic Speaker
0900 – 10-15

Execution of Applications on Grid :

  1. Registration Process and PURSE
  2. Overview of Job Submission - GARUDA Portal
  3. Debugging and Profile Visualization using Gridhra

Dr. Subrata (Chair)


1015 - 1115

Hands-on Session-2 :
Registration Process , Using GARUDA GRID Portal and Grid Programming: Globus Job Submission (Globus APIs); usage of Gridhra

Chandra Choodan, Bijoy, Arunachalam
11-15 - 1130 Tea break  
1130 -1200

Hands-on Session-2                                   ...Continuation


1200 – 1245

GARUDA Data Management

Storage Resource Broker-SRB

  • Storage Management on GARUDA
  • Usage of SRB
  • Case Studies Developed on SRB
    Automatic Backup Service for Disaster Recovery

Dr Prahlada Rao(Chair)

Payal S


1245 - 1315 Hands-on Session-3 : Usage of SRB Payal S
1315 – 1400 Lunch Break  
1400 - 1600

Tools on GARUDA :

Setup and Management of tools

  • Steps to bring up a new site
  • GARUDA Sigma
  • RT – Grid-Help
  • Grid Monitoring

Network Management

  • IDS

Dr Prahlada Rao(Chair)

Sujith E

Ram Kumar / Murali

1600 - 1615 Tea break  
1615 - 1645  Conclusions of the Workshop Dr Prahlad / Dr.Subrata
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