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Flood assessment is one of the challenging applications of multi-disciplinary disaster management system. Disaster Management using Synthetic Aperture Radar (DMSAR) is a project to delineate the distribution of open water flood data of a flood affected region, captured using an airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar for Disaster Management. DMSAR is a collaborative project between ISRO’s Space Application Center (SAC) and C-DAC.

The Flood Assessment System comprises of Data Acquisition using airborne synthetic aperturedisaster management radar, Raw Data Processing and finally Remote Visualization of image. The data of the flood affected area is acquired by an airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) fitted to the belly of an airplane. This raw data is voluminous and requires vast computational power for processing. Hence, the raw data is processed concurrently at different HPC clusters of Garuda in SPMD manner. The outputs are merged and the resultant image is shared for remote collaborative visualization from different locations of the Garuda grid.

By parallelizing and running the raw data processing using Garuda’s HPC resources the processing time significantly improved (from nearly 30 hrs using single CPU to less than half an hour using 368 CPUs)

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