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GARUDA Architecture

GARUDA architecture based on Service-Oriented Approach (SOA), comprises of - a set of core system components that provide system-wide services and a set of common interface definitions that resources or services may implement in order to provide users with familiar and consistent interfaces to build their applications.

Core system components of GARUDA include

  1. Network - Dependent on National Knowledge Network (NKN), connectivity through high - speed communication fabric
  2. Resources - Heterogeneous and distributed computing resources, pooling of compute and storage resources and special devices provided by C-DAC and its partners.
  3. GARUDA (Federated) Information Service - keeps track of distributed GARUDA resources,
  4. Security with Authentication and Authorization service - VOMS for Virtual organization and MyProxy for certificate management,
  5. Job Management - Access Portal, CLI, Workflow tools and PSE form the job management interface. It deals with data movement, scheduling, reservation and accounting of jobs.
  6. Access mechanisms

a) Access Portal which primarily acts as a GUI interface for the core systems
b) Command line Interfaces (CLI)
c) Workflow tools
d) Problem Solving Environments (PSE)

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