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March 12 , 2012

A paper titled "Seasonal Forecast Modeling Application on the GARUDA Grid Infrastructure", authored by Ramesh Naidu Laveti, S. Janakiraman, Mohit Ved and B.B. Prahlada Rao from C-DAC Knowledge Park, Bangalore, had been accepted at the 10th International Symposium for Grids and Clouds (ISGC 2012), held at Taipei, Taiwan, during Feb 26 - Mar 02, 2012.

Mr. Ramesh Naidu Laveti delivered an Invited Talk on 'GARUDA Grid - The Shared e-infrastructure for Collaborative Research and Innovation in India' in a session ‘e-Science activities in Asia-Pacific’ of ISGC 2012 on February 28, 2012. The talk covered an overview of GARUDA infrastructure and e-Science users in India using GARUDA.

He also presented this paper in the 'Earth Sciences, Environmental Changes and Disaster Mitigation' session on February 28, 2012. The paper discussed the framework for Parallel Ensemble Forecast Experiments using Seasonal Forecast Model on GARUDA, challenges faced and the requirements of the Climate Community from Grid Computing Paradigm.

ISGC is a leading event to promote e-Science Research internationally, providing a Forum for Distributed Computing Researchers and Collaborating Partners, sharing their experience and knowledge. The theme of ISGC 2012 was Convergence, Collaboration, and Innovation. The significant sessions in ISGC12 were Middleware and Interoperability, Cloud Infrastructure, Virtualization, Cloud Security, Cloud Interoperability, CHAIN, Data Management, High Performance Many-Core and GPU Computing Desktop Grids, Federated Identity Management, High-Energy Physics, Biomedicine, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences. Many Workshops Co-Located in ISGC-12 are: iRODS, Asia@Home, and WeNMR for Protein-DNA HADDOCKing.

Nearly 200+ participants from more than 30 Countries attended ISGC-12. Experts from RandD Labs, Institutes and Organizations such as EGI, CERN (Europe), ASGC (Taiwan), Stanford University, Fermilab (USA), INFN (Italy), KEK (Japan), and University of Melbourne (Australia) delivered talks on Grid and Cloud.

Compiled by the Media and Communications Group

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