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March 06 , 2012

EU-IndiaGrid2 a project of 2 years supported under Framework 7 has come to conclusion by December 31, 2011. EU-IndiaGrid2 aimed to achieve sustainable EU-Indian e-Infrastructure cooperation by supporting a set of relevant applications, promoting their results, as well as the benefits and impacts of e-Infrastructures for Euro-Indian collaboration. C-DAC’s Grid GARUDA Project team is one among the Indian side contributors. Other contributors from India are BARC, VECC, ERNET, IIT-Delhi and University of Pune. The European Partners are INFN, University of Cambridge. C-DAC’s activity is mainly towards achieving Interoperability between Grid GARUDA of India and EGEE/EGI Grid of EU as part of Work Package-3, to achieve the following objectives:

  • Job Submission Interoperability
  • Information Interoperability
  • Data Transfer/management Interoperability
  • Grid Security Layer Interoperability

Dr. Sarat Chandra Babu from C-DAC, KP represented C-DAC and presented on the project objectives, challenges, accomplishments, interoperability architectures implemented etc. to the review committee under the Work Package 3 of the project which is specifically on the interoperability of EGI/EGEE and Grid using the technologies like Gridways on the GARUDA side and G-lite on European side. During the presentation he also had an opportunity to impress-upon them on the Grid GARUDA activities and also on the future focus in the area of Grid infrastructure.

A final review meeting of the project was held by the European Commission at EC office, Brussels, Belgium on 2nd March 2012.

Compiled by the Media and Communications Group

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